Polices and Procedures (P&P) Application

This particular application only applies to employee associates and can only be accessed by employee associates. The P&P application is a common site for employee associates to obtain certain Risk Management Policies and Procedures that generally apply to all employees across all Jackson affiliated companies. The P&Ps are of a minimum nature and are designed to augment the risk program for a Jackson company. These policies are intended to be as written unless otherwise indicated. To access the Jackson Risk Management Policy and Procedures, please click here.

About Jackson Healthcare

Founded by healthcare pioneer Richard L. Jackson, Jackson Healthcare (JH) addresses the two biggest challenges facing healthcare today: finding the right people and delivering the right information at the right time. The Jackson family of companies provides credentialed physicians and clinicians to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and also develops healthcare software applications that can help hospitals improve clinical and financial outcomes and increase operational efficiency. With over 1,000 associates in Alpharetta, GA, and 2,000 nationally, Jackson serves more than three million patients in some 1,000 hospitals each year.


At Jackson Healthcare, we are passionate about being a thought leader in the healthcare industry. We are equally as passionate about creating a culture where our associates can accomplish their goals, both professionally and personally. In order to guarantee success, Jackson has incorporated core competencies into the culture to ensure each associate develops in ways that sustain the company's growth.

Jackson Healthcare has also created an exceptional work environment, where trust, commitment and dedication are standard. By employing the best experts in the industry, Jackson Healthcare has remained focused on creating a solutions-centric, high performance, fail-safe environment, built on the fundamentals of communication, respect, ownership, and individual accountability in their performance. These ideas have been organized to protect each associate, as well as provide an environment where safe effective communications can take place.